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Feb 24, 2019

This might be the hardest skill to do the first time in sales, but once accomplished your confidence will go through the roof.  Listen in as Rick and Nancy share these 5 tips:

1)  Focus all of your questions and attention on them

2)  Plan all of your questions in advance.

3)  Don't follow any scripts

4)  Keep your...

Feb 17, 2019

Other than that...  Besides, that is there anything else...  Can we agree?  Listen in as Rick and Nancy give you GOLD to overcoming any and all objections.

Feb 10, 2019

Assumptive Closing is an art form, actually takes pressure off of your client.  When done correctly will do one of two things.  First, it will help you identify the objections that you missed during your presentation.  Second, it will make the sale official and get them started with your product or service.  Listen in...

Feb 3, 2019

Choices!  We all love having options and either or choices are vital to increasing your sales.  Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the importance of giving your client options as well as the psychology behind why more is actually less.