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Jan 20, 2019

Listen in as Ricky shares timeless principals that will work in any industry.  This episode is all about mindset, work ethic, and adapting.  Business is completely unlimited and you can't do all the business that's available to you.  Once you realize that it all comes down to how bad do you want it, how much can you handle and how much work are you really willing to put in.  Put the relationship before the deal.  Less than 1% of people will do a deal with you the first time they meet you.  There's 20% - 30% of people that want to do a deal with you, just not right now.  "You have to not go after the deal, to get the deal,"  Ricky says.  

The future is about adapting.  Put in as much work as you can.  Keep moving forward until you crack the code for your industry.  Most of it is through social media.  It isn't easy.  Find what works but don't stop trying new things.