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Jul 29, 2018

This podcast is chucked full of wisdom from a man who has been succeeding since 1959 and shows no signs of slowing down.  Instead, he is constantly pushing himself to find ways to succeed exponentially instead of linearly.  Mel's recommendation knowing what he knows now:  "Take some time off to rejuvenate but on the focus days, read more, listen more and mentor more.  Get around bigger thinkers, EMPIRE THINKERS, and write yourself a permission note to succeed Spiritually, Economically, and Socially.   Listen to that burning desire inside you and start spending time with those folks who are successful in your industry.  Latch on to those who have your best interest at heart.  Mel has learned to leverage the ITR Factor, that's the In Trust Relationship Factor and he shares an amazing story towards the end of the show of just how powerful that can be.