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Apr 1, 2018

Listen in as Carol tells us her crazy story of how she got started being an entrepreneur.  Carol shares why she provides entrepreneurs free tools and information to help each of us move our businesses forward.  "I love to empower people," Carol says.  Carol encourages us to join local networking groups and start speaking on a regular basis.  She shares why we shouldn't sell from the stage in a pitch kind of way, but what to do instead - sharing how you get results for your clients.  If you're brand new, she says, "you have to talk to people"!  Not what we would expect, but listen in as she tells us how to do market research to fine tune who your ideal client should be and how you can help.  "The more narrow your niche, the more successful you're going to be".   DON'T MISS HER FREE GIVE AWAY AT THE END! you want to be a TEDx speaker, Carol is the person to help.