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May 27, 2018

Karen became an entrepreneur after a very successful career in various positions in Corporate America, from software implementations to six sigma black belt to President of a company.  Yet her main reason for becoming an entrepreneur, like so many of us, was to be able to set her own schedule and devote time to trying to change legislation at the state level for people with developmental disabilities.  "Pick and choose when you want to work" Karen shares.  Listen in as Karen tell us what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur: networking in your local chamber, business counsels, and other networking events are key.  Spend time learning about others businesses and asking a lot of great questions so you can help others connect. It might not have any monetary gain for you immediately, but it will pay dividends long term.  One of the most important questions you need to answer to be successful is "how do you want people to remember you"?  Then make sure you do just that every time you meet someone.  Don't miss the nugget where Karen shares how an early manager of hers changed how she managed others forever and assisted her in creating an important process in how she helps companies today figure out what is actually broken in their current processes.  Karen adds "You have to have metrics in place that can alert you to a problem before it actually becomes a problem.  Make sure you listen to the end where Karen tells us what you have to have to make your business sustainable long term.Keep in touch with Karen: