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Aug 20, 2017

Interview With:  Steven Wichlenski Steven’s business is Connecting Ur Dots; solving business challenges, with a Customized Strategy Plan, that Maximizes People - Ur People!Originally from Brooklyn, N.Y; Steven was fortunate, to have been ‘mentored’ by his father, who managed and operated a Furniture Manufacturing Business.Working with his father, he learned at an early age, to solve business challenges, and to manage people. Eventually opening his own successful Office Furniture Manufacturing Company, which he owned and operated, for over 18 years, in Tampa Bay. He left manufacturing, to use his business and management skills to provide Consulting and Business Strategy, to the Manufacturing Industry.It was during this time Steven came to truly understand the value of applying Behavioral Style Adaptability to enhance a Business Strategy.  He now utilizes his prior manufacturing and project management skills to help others solve business challenges, increase sales and maximize people by learning how to MIND the Matters.